Saturday, January 11, 2014

Today I'm a Peacock

You know what I mean.  The person who is posting about how great they are every 5 seconds?
I think I have been accused of this.  Or possibly it was just a conversation that I took took personally (cause I NEVER do that).  All I could really do was laugh (after my 20 seconds of total shame) because anyone who knows me knows that I'm not showing off. I'm building myself up.  Because my natural instinct, my gut response is to tear myself down.  I'm always fairly shocked when someone has complimented me.  And then I spend the next 2 days over analyzing the compliment.

What I head case I am.

But today I embrace the peacock.  Yesterday I had a killer workout and I think I impressed my trainer, which is SO peacock worthy.  It was leg day, which is a strength of mine.  Standing squat with 135 pounds. Boom! Right?  Then this morning I took a new spin class.  Since I have been working on my own instruction I have become a bit choosier about what spin class I take.  You can't impress me with tricks.  I need hard core authentic ass kicking only.  And this lady had it.  I will be back.  But during one of the sprint intervals she shouted, "Who is going to beat me?"  She hit the trigger button.  "Wait. This is a race? Well then I must destroy you."  "Karen is beating me!" She yelled!  And then one of my regular co spinners yelled back, "That's cause she's an instructor too!"  And while I'm not technically one yet, it was literally the best thing anyone could have said to me.

It's been an empowering couple of days for me!  And I'm not going to shy away from telling you about it cause someone might judge me.  I'm spreading my feathers today and fanning them out!

Find your inner peacock today! Shout it from the roof top!  I know people get all weird about sharing feelings,but I want to hear all about how great you really are!!

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  1. :) :) :) :) Some beautiful feathers you have there! :) :)