Monday, October 29, 2012


When we got to the gym tonight, we realized it was the Y's Halloween party.

d'oh.  How in the world did we miss that?!

I thought that I had managed to escape having to go because the boys sprinted by without even a second glance in the direction of the party.  I hopped on the treadmill and started my run, only to look over and see both of their faces pressed against the window that looks out over the gym.  It was near impossible to focus watching their little faces, so I hopped off to find out when the party was over.  7:30.  It didn't leave me with much time.  So I sprinted my two miles (PR by the way!) so that I could get them at least the last 30 minutes of the festivities.

We made it downstairs, got in, did our activities and then they asked if they could play in the child center a bit longer.  Excited I could finish my run we made a bee line back upstairs.

I jumped on a different treadmill.  I had had a pretty intense pace with some incline the first time around and was feeling pretty strong.  Taking the break interrupted that and I found it a bit harder to regain my focus.  I finished another mile and a half.  Still fairly good but a bit more huffing and puffing.  After the first mile I almost called it good.  I usually only run 3 and knew Bob was getting antsy to go.  I paused and noticed the girl running next to me pushing herself.  "If she can do this I can do this," I thought to myself.  I'm such a competitive bastard.  But it got me back on.  I did another half a mile and the faster pace I was going and added even more incline.  Feeling much better I stopped the machine.

 As I was getting off the girl next to me said, "You set my pace tonight, just thought you should know!"  I laughed and said, "You were my inspiration to get back on tonight!" We both laughed realizing that we had both unknowingly been pushing each other.  I have been thinking about it all night. You just never know where you will find your inspiration. 

And you never know when you will be someone's else's....

Sunday, October 21, 2012

This One's A Fighter

My new theme song.  This one comes out when I think I am going to die and have nothing left.