Monday, March 25, 2013

My Inner Zen

The past few days have been good for me. 

Let me start over.  The past couple of days I have been super tired and cranky.  BUT, I have done some serious training and walked out of the gym feeling so much healthier. And stronger.

Tonight, my Body Pump (strength training class) instructor told me I brought good energy to the class and he enjoyed having me there.

It made me feel really good.  Because I know how far I still have to go.  I know the scale is not moving the way I want it to.  I know that I still compare myself to others instead of comparing me to me. So it really meant something that he commented on my energy.  Not my strength.  Not my progress.  My energy.

It's something I still need to focus on.  Myself.  Because I like who I am in the gym.  I like how I feel.  I like who I see.  This doesn't come easy for me outside of the gym.  I focus on the scale.  And the calories.  And the clothes. 

My goal for the next few weeks is to stop worrying about what is not going the way I want it to go and to focus on my energy.  What am I putting out into the universe?  Maybe, just maybe it will come back to me.