Monday, July 7, 2014


We're in Bend!!  And so far we love it here.  It's absolutely gorgeous.  I haven't blogged for awhile because it's been a bit overwhelming unpacking and such.  The move has forced some positive changes, albeit challenging ones.

We still don't have a gym.  The only real family friendly one that has a child care center for older children is called the Athletic Club of Bend.  And it's pretty awesome.  But it's $200 a month! What the?  Who has $200 a month just for the gym?!  I live at the gym.  But we just can't budget that in.  It's disappointing because I had high hopes it could be our spot.  The boys really liked the kid care, they have pick up basketball games for Bob, and a good enough weight room for me.  But I have to readjust.  It won't be the Y.  It's been the hardest adjustment for us.  We loved the Y.  Everyone knew us, the boys' closest friends were there, it was our spot.  Our second home in Minnesota.  We all miss it desperately.  But I know you can't stay somewhere because you love your gym.

I have been exercising outdoors a lot more.  Sprinting fartleks at the track, 6ish mile jog/walk, walks by the river (that's on the docket for this am!) and even some interval work in the crammed garage with the husband (I kicked his ass if you are wondering).  I know being out of my comfort zone is healthy for me.  It has forced me to be creative with my training and incorporate new things.  And I am a firm believer in switching it up.  So there's that.

Getting my eating back on track as well.  I have been off track the past several weeks.  I have not eating at regular intervals to keep my blood sugar in check and then grabbing the easiest (read processed) crap to make.  I haven't been drinking enough water... too many RedBulls to keep myself going even though I KNOW this is not how you keep yourself going.  I slipped a bit.  Nothing too drastic, but it's time to refocus and take care of me.

So I'm going on a nice peaceful walk down by the river.  A little exercise and a little alone time.  Just what the doctor ordered.

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  1. I feel you so hard on this, Kare. Fitness was a really low priority after we moved, and it was SO tough to get back into it. Try not to stress about it -- you have so much else up in the air, and you're doing great. It's going to be okay. Love you!