Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Girl Looking Back at Me

As you know I have been taking a boot camp class at the Y.  Not my home base Y, but a different one.  I have taken it before here and there but since I'm not working with my trainer anymore I need to make sure that my workouts stay fresh and that I continue to find new things to challenge myself with.  I wrote this post after my first class,  And I was proud of myself for fighting through the negative talk and coming out on the other side.

But I have been working on not even going there.  I have been walking into the class and setting up next to someone who is in good shape, and pushing myself to compete.  Ok, it's true they don't realize I'm competing.  But I am.  I'm also looking in that studio mirror and trying to focus on the things that I like about myself.

This last week I noticed that my calves have gotten so much stronger.  Particularly the front.  With every jump I could see the muscle jet out.  I loved it and felt really proud of those calf muscles.  And I noticed I wasn't comparing myself to anyone else when I was just thinking about the positive aspects of me.  

I have been completely aware that I need to stop the negative self talk.  I mean, Jesus, how often do I talk about it?  But honestly, I'm not entirely sure how to do that.   Knowing you shouldn't do something, but not doing it are two different things.  So I've decided that before the thought can even creep into the front of my consciousness  I need to replace it.  Immediately.  This may sound braggy to some.  I get it.  We are somewhat conditioned to not talk about the things that we like about ourselves.  Those things we should keep to ourselves so as not to appear to think we are better then anyone else.  But I challenge all of you to start talking about it.  What are the things that you love about yourself.  I know you think your ass is too big.  I think mine is too big.  But that's what we talk about.  What do you think is beautiful about you?  Do you have the best smile?  Do you have abs to die for?  Are you funny?  Is your hair just flawless?

Speak up peeps!! (No, I'm serious. Comment.)

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