Monday, March 10, 2014


I hate jean shopping.  Who doesn't?  It's a close second to swimsuit shopping.  And one would think it wouldn't be as traumatic as it is.  You wear jeans in the colder months when you get to cover up a bit, right?  WRONG.  

It's damn near impossible to find a solid pair of jeans that don't cost $200 and aren't mom jeans.  Low rise is just too low for....well just about everyone.  Mid rise is hit or miss with the over 30 crowd.  Because it has to be just the right mid rise.  And if you're curvy, like me, it's also challenging to find a pair that fit the hip area.  But my favorite jeans are wearing thin and they don't make them anymore!  (Whose idea of a sick joke is this anyway?)

I have gotten a lot of advice regarding other benchmarks to look at in my weight loss journey.  Body fat percentage, inches, and change in clothing size are the main ones.  But really none of those have really changed all that much either.  I can see muscle definition that wasn't there before, but really my numbers (any numbers) haven't really budged.

Or so I thought.

I ordered 4 pairs of jeans.  All different brands and 1 in a smaller size (although to be fair they do have a bit more stretch in them)  And all of them fit.  Did you read that?  ALL OF THEM FIT!  One pair I didn't love because it was a bit too low rise.  I'm too old for that and I have been doing a lot of squats, and don't want jeans that make my butt look flat.   But the other 3 I love.  One pair I am actually going to exchange for a smaller size because there is a bit of a gap in the waist band.  THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A GAP IN MY WAIST BAND!

I thought I was going to cry.  I tried them all on for Bob and he liked all of them.  I went jean shopping online and nailed it.  All of my hard work is paying off.  It's taken longer for me then for some people to get results;  and there have been so many moments where I thought, "maybe this is it.  Maybe this is where I'm at and I need to just be ok because it's not a horrible spot to be in."

And just like that the universe hands me my pay off. 


  1. Thank you! There is usually some unhappy feelings when buying new jeans! lol