Saturday, February 25, 2012

Deal With the Devil?

There is a feeling in the pit of my stomach. I can't tell if it's excitement or worry. Or both.

We met Mike and Andrea at Lifetime Fitness this morning. A big hoity toity gym. But it's beautiful. And has everything (including tennis courts Dad!! Lots of tennis courts! Snow or no snow you can play when you come visit!!) But it means saying good-bye to the Y. And despite the glitz and glam of Lifetime, the Y was a good place for us. Our family got healthier in a lot of ways. So I can't help but worry about a change. Not to mention the bigger price tag that comes along with it.

There are the obvious pros. My trainer is there. So no more 5:30 am work outs. Bonus. They are also our friends and we will get to spend more time with them again. Bonus. They have every class you could ever want so I will get a much broader range of workout. Bonus bonus. The boys love it. Bonus. They have a spa and cafe on site. As I was sitting with my friends drinking a healthy smoothie post workout I was screaming in my head, "BONUS!"

But there are some cons. The price tag. It's almost double what we were paying at the Y. Yes, you get a whole lot more with it. But still. Distance. They Y is literally one mile from us. We will be driving 10-15 minutes depending on traffic. That is harder. And it will inevitably be easier to talk myself out of going. But I'm committed to this process so I think Bob is more worried about that then I am. Bob is also a little grumbly over the lack of community feel. It's true. I can't argue with that. We are now at a gym not the community center. And I think that is actually a piece that I will miss. Not more then I missed training and working out with my friends, but will still miss it for sure.

The good news also is both the Y and Lifetime are on a month by month plan. So if it doesn't work out or if it's not a good fit we can always change back. No harm done.

There is always some bad with the good. I'm hopeful this will be yet another kick start for me and the good outweighs the bad...

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  1. I think you will be way happier at a big gym and all of the class options for cardio. I am starting to meet people (a little bit) in my kickboxing class now, and I have never had any dear of approaching a front desk person or instructor when I have needed assistance. I think the positives in this one will outweigh the negatives and you will find that at a big gym, you have many more options to get out there and kick ass. I am proud of you, you go girl!!!