Saturday, January 28, 2012

Where There's A Will, There's A Way.

Life has a way of working out.

I have done a lot of processing and planning my next steps so that despite losing my trainer, I stay on my path and continue to succeed.  The plan was to start taking other classes at the Y so I get a broader range of muscle/cardio work as I do with Mike.  So I started this boot camp class, which is not anywhere near as challenging as the boot camp class Mike ran.  But it's still a solid work out.  I have since started to take spinning and find myself really enjoying it.  Then I planned to train with Mike once a month to give me new exercises to jump start things.

My last session with him was a doozy.  My arms were shaking they were so tired.  But I also realized that we were doing all completely new exercises and immediately began worrying that this was to arm me with tools before he was gone.  "I realize what you're doing..."I began.  Then I confirmed that he was in fact able to train once a month.  "I have good news" he said.  He has Mondays off.  So he would still be willing to train me once a week, if it could be on a Monday before 4.  Took me a moment to understand what he was saying.  I have been losing sleep, stressing out, worrying and at other times full out panicking...and it's going to work out after all?!!  I will actually get 4 sessions for the same price I pay for 3, Mike will make extra money and it won't interfere with any family time!!

There is a small snag.  Because Grant isn't in school yet, and at least initially we cannot train at the Y, I will have to train at 5:30 in the mornings before Bob goes to work. Oh dear....

It's a small price to pay...maybe I'll get into those shorts this summer after all!


  1. That is GREAT news! Well, not the 5:30am part, but the rest...YAY!!

    We will be rocking those shorts this summer, girly. I already purchased a skinny little pair of just to get my legs and ass down to that size, LOL!

  2. You could have done it without him, but YAY!