Sunday, May 27, 2012


In the last few weeks I have increased the distance of my running.  It really is the best cardio with the highest calorie burn.  Biggest bang for my buck.  And with summer arriving I feel like I am in crunch time.  I can't say that I love it.  It is still something I force myself to do, but it is getting a little easier.

Feeling very pleased with my ability to run 3 miles I bragged to Mike.  Why I still do this I don't know.  But you know what good ol Mike did?  Gave me homework.  To run.  4.5 miles.  I realize that his role in my journey is to push me farther then I think I can go.  Trust me, he's very good at it.  But 4.5?  Really? Really?!!

Saturday I did it.  It was calling for rain but when has rain ever stopped an Oregonian?  As I started out it started to rain.  I smiled.  I'm in my element.  I loved playing games in the rain.  I would much rather train in the rain then in 95 degree heat.  But then the lightening cracked, followed by the big boom of the thunder and I second guessed my decision. It actually made me jump.  Then it began pouring. Pouring.  Some nice women pulled over and asked if I was trying to get back to the gym and if I needed a lift.  I thanked her and waved her on.  I was only on my first lap! At some point it was impossible to avoid a puddle and my shoes and socks were water logged.  I was definitely carrying some water weight around with me which was another challenge. I contemplated just running the first lap which is a little over 2 miles.  I mean, it was ridiculous.  But I decided I was already soaked so I couldn't really do anything else inside of the gym without making a mess so I may as well finish what I started.  Which has been my goal this whole time.  Finish what I start.  No excuses. (unless the excuse is that it's 95 degrees with humidity and then it's completely valid so I don't die.) Not quitting. No giving up on oneself.

I made it.  It was slow but steady.  I walked for about 30 seconds,  2 times. But I finished it.  I finished it! I ran 4.5 miles. 

He's always saying, "You are stronger then you think you are."

Today I actually believed it.

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