Thursday, March 8, 2012

Out of the Park

A little over two years ago, at a post baby check up the doctor told me I was in the obese category.  I dismissed him.  "I am not 600 pounds." "I just had a baby."  "I'm breastfeeding and need to eat."  "This is not even my heaviest."  It was easy for me to shrug it off.  Sure, I had some weight to lose.  But I had recovered from the Bulimia and I just had another baby and I was not going to let some number throw me back into a dark place.  I was going to enjoy being a mom....and all the food that came with it.  But I was in the dark place again.  I hated how I looked.  But more importantly, I hated how I felt about myself.  Again.

Oddly enough, that was not my rock bottom.  My rock bottom happened on the playground.  Aid wanted me to play chase.  And I did.  Or at least I tried to.  I realized I could only chase him for a few minutes before I had to tell him I was too tired.  I balled.  I had lost myself.  Again.  And because I had, I was going to be the mom sitting on the side because she was too big to get out there and play with her kid.

And that was unacceptable.

So I joined Weight Watchers.  Started counting points and lost 30 pounds.  And felt really good about myself.  But then I got stuck.  Joined the Y and started exercising.  Got stuck again.  Got the trainer.  Lost a little bit more.  Got stuck again.  Got the heart rate monitor.  Now I'm learning more about training in my zone to build up an aerobic base so I can more effectively burn fat.  So I get the most out of my workout.  I don't have time to waste. Life is too short and too precious to be sitting on the treadmill for 3 hours while my kids are playing with someone else in the play room.  I need to get in.  Get it done.  And get back to my family.

I had yet another assessment today.  Since I started this journey I have lost 67 pounds and 10% body fat.  You heard me.  10%.   I can probably outrun Aid.  I may still whimper in the heat of the training session, but the little voice in me is telling me to shut up because I know I can do it.

I didn't just hit it.  I hit it out of the park.


  1. Amazing, fantastic, inspiring! YAY you!!

  2. That is so awesome, Karen!!!! Way to go!!! You didn't just hit it out of the park, you hit it way out into space!!!