Monday, March 5, 2012

Downward Dog

Being a Yogi is not in my future.

In an effort to expand my fitness resources me and a girlfriend took a Yoga class.  A hot Yoga class. 
And while, I do like the actual workout of Yoga, it's the melodramatic element that my snarky self can't get over.  Sure, I will hold the star pose because I love that my quads are shaking they are so tired.  But I'm not sure how you expect me to get into the Happy Baby pose without smirking a bit.  And I don't mind the meditation piece of it.  Because it did feel good to close my eyes and focus on my breathing.  But if you tell me to pinch my thumb and pointer finger and "feel the past and the future become one" I start giggling like a naughty Catholic girl during church. 

Still, you can always take something away from an experience.  And I will go if my workout partner wants to because it's not all about me. 

But I will go and sit next to the other Sex and the City girls who were also giggling in the absolute silence.

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  1. I hate Yoga. But I have been curious about trying a hot yoga class.