Thursday, August 9, 2012

Humble Pie

Went to LA Fitness (the gym we're using while on vacay) for a boot camp. It was a pretty tough class but I have been prepared for tough.

As I was getting the shit kicked out of me and noticed a woman stretching. "Damn she's flexible," I thought as she brought her leg straight up the wall. Flat. Amazing.  I wish my butt looked liked that.

I watched her stretch and stretch and stretch. Sort of confused by all the stretching I dismissed it that maybe it was her stretching day (?) While she was trim she wasn't necessarily built, although maybe she was a dancer with flexibility like that?  I found myself watching her, going back and forth between rolling my eyes at all the stretching, and envious of the butt.

As we were stretching, post ass kicking, she walked toward us and I got a better look.  I don't think I have ever seen anyone wear so much make up to the gym. Not a hair out of place and lip gloss perfectly applied, she sauntered around. Done stretching but not sure what else to do?

Then I noticed it.  Her t-shirt. It read, "Your work out is my warm up."

I giggled out loud.

I don't know if this really was just her stretching day in the gym. I don't know if she kills it every other day to get that butt or if she is genetically blessed.  All I know is that unless you are actively killing it you probably shouldn't wear that t-shirt to the gym. Because today my work out was most definitely not your warm up.

I found myself vowing no matter how good my ass may or may not look at the end of all of this, to remember to be humble about it.

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  1. I love this, seriously. Best blog you've ever posted. :)