Thursday, April 12, 2012

Living the Dream

I am getting to a point in my weight loss that I LOVE shopping again.  This is a blessing and a curse.  For so long now I have had one pair of jeans...because they are the only ones that fit.  And five of the same different colors.  One dress that hid my tummy a little bit more.  I used to look for clothes that had to have a certain amount of stretch in them so they fit better.  I wore lots of baggy sweatshirts.  I wore my hair straight more often because I thought my face looked thinner.  Freaked out if anything got put into the dryer for fear of it shrinking.  All these little tricks that I thought hid my body.  Who was I fooling besides myself?

Things are changing.  I just got a package in the mail from some gift cards I received.  A dress that was a size medium, a pair of Calvin Klein jean shorts, and another pair of bemuda shorts. I bought these all on line.  The dress looks amazing.  The Calvin Klein's fit!!! (I have always wanted Calvin Kleins but they are not made with a lot of stretch.) And the Bemuda shorts were HUGE on me.

I did a happy dance. Ok, I did a few happy dances.  I can buy something sight unseen and it fits. I don't cry when I try on jeans anymore.  Sure some of them still aren't the right style for me.  And sure I'm a size up or a size down depending on the brand.  But I'm not quietly ashamed of myself. 

I needed a boost. Been feeling crappy because I can't train hard with my muscle pull (it is getting a little better) have had an ongoing headache all week, and Easter candy kicked the shit out of me.  So the package from Macy's came at the perfect time!!

I could get into this.

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